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Ekaterina Aristova about creating of a new movement in contemporary art -

Unconscious Art 

December 10, 2021 - Paris

1. The human is a reflection of his time and of what happens with him and what influences him;

2. The environment affects a human's soul via the senses;

3. According to Aristotle, there are 5 senses which reflect the soul but today we know more;

4. Our being consists of two realities - conscious (logos) and unconscious (the soul);

5. According to Aristoxenus, music influences our soul directly; thanks to music we can make our soul (or the unconscious) “speak”;

6. The goal of Unconscious Art is to be a conductor between the unconscious world and the real world, to make the invisible visible; make the inner unconscious speak; that is to say, giving an associated form to that which may not have form by its nature;

7. The birth of a form of chaotic abstraction thanks to unconscious art;

8. The Unconscious Art approach: making the unconscious speak and projecting it onto the canvas (or any other surface) through strong emotions at the moment of creation which can be provoked by the influence of music and by emotional and sensory “manipulations”; examine the material of the work, its chaotic lines at the end of the unconscious phase, interpret the result afterwards creating a connection with our conscious world;

9. Value: the unique present and honest moment during creation and the possibility of experiencing strong emotions makes the result of the work  a unique and honest artifact, a connection between the unconscious world of the author and the perception of the real world;

10. Theoretical and philosophical basis - Aristotle (The soul and the five senses that influence it), Aristoxenus (The soul and music), Z. Freud (The Unconscious), V. Kandinsky (The spiritual in the art), Jacques Rancière (The aesthetic unconscious).

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