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       New series Oasis by Ekaterina Aristova is drawn in charcoal with eyes closed, dancing and improvising to the music, and later worked in oil once the performance was over. The interpretation of the works of Ekaterina Aristova is a mysterious journey to the imaginary country, it is an invitation to reverie, a game of imagination.

...wild jungle open your arms
It doesn't take much for you and me
Let's take root in the woods
Naive or outlaw children
Skittles planted in a stream
Listen to this funny bird sing
He invites us a little higher
To share our ideals...

 Lyrics of Canopée (by Polo&Pan)

Alexandre Grynszpan / Paul Armand Delille

I am pleased to present you eight artworks from the new Oasis series.


To acquire an artwork please send an email to with a name of the artwork(s) in the subject. You will receive an invoice with detailed information.


A part of sales go to the benefit of the Mansart Foundation for the restoration project of the Château de Bagatelle and its Trianon.

Fondation Mansart is on a mission to restore the historical heritage of France and is a partner of the association “Friends of the Center Pompidou museum”.

Online purchase at gallery's website

New collection DAYDREAMER

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