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Painter's studio - Musical abstraction 


Two groups - (1) children and (2) adults


For children: Size of the canvas 1P/F

For adults: Canvas size 10P/F


Limited number of places (group of 6-10 people)


Duration: 1 hour 


Price: 40€


As part of the workshop (musical painting workshop), the contemporary painter presents his profession and teaches you/your children to create abstract paintings inspired by music.

You will discover the painter's studio.


You/your children will discover professional painter's equipment:

  • painting knives

  • canvases on stretcher

  • paint (acrylic)

  • pallets


You will learn how to stretch canvas, hold a palette and use a knife.


Then you/your children will learn how to create colors from the three primary colors. You/your children will create your color palette.


Finally, on a musical background, we will create abstract paintings. You take your painting home.


The material is provided. 



Address: metro Michel-Ange Auteuil (Paris 16th)

Atelier des couleurs
Art des enfants

I participate!

Thank you for registering for our event. See you soon !

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